Free Solar Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Free Solar Program?

Jam Solar installs solar panels absolutely FREE on your rooftop and pays you for participating in the program. 

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • No Insurance Costs

How Do I Qualify?

There are 3 main qualifications you must pass to be eligible for the FREE Solar Program.

  1. You must own a detached home with a minimum of 400sq. ft of roofspace and regular shingles
  2. Your home must pass an on-site roof evaluation
  3. Your local utility company must approve the connection (Limited availability in each area)

When Do I Get Paid?

You will receive your first payment through the FREE Solar Program as soon as your system has been connected to the grid and a billing cycle has occurred. There are many different payment options that one of the advisors will be happy to discuss with you.

Absolutely not. You do not pay for equipment, installation, ongoing maintenance or system insurance. All costs are our installers responsibility.

Do I Have To Pay Anything?

The Ontario Government launched the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program in November 2009 to help the economy and add renewable energy to the energy mix. Under this program, the power produced by the solar system is bought by the government at guaranteed rates on a 20 year term. The income pays for the system and its operating costs.

How Is This Possible?

There is no catch. Jam Solar's FREE Solar Program is backed by the Ontario Government's MicroFIT. All power produced by the solar system is bought by the government at guaranteed rates. However the system must remain at its installed location during the 20-year term.

What Is The Catch?

No. When the system is installed, a new export meter sends all the electricity produced by the solar system to the grid. You will be pleased to know that the electricity supply in your neighbourhood now has clean solar power generated right from your roof in the energy mix that is used to power your home! After 20 years, the system becomes yours and you can use the solar energy produced for your house.

Can I Use The Electricity Myself?

Our Installers are completely responsible for maintaining the system without any cost to you during the term. General roof maintenance remains your responsibility. However, solar panels extend roof life because they protect the roof from direct sunlight, wind, rain and snow. Our installers are responsible for any damage to the house caused by solar panels.

What About Maintenance?

No. The insurance for the solar system is arranged and paid for by our installers. Our Insurance provides up to $5 Million in commercial general liability coverage and we stand behind our work and system design.

Will My House Insurance Fees Go Up?

The FREE Solar agreement is simply transferred to the new homeowner. They will receive the payments thereafter. The new homeowner will own the system in the balance of the 20 or 15-year term. Your house will also be producing additional income, and will also have its electricity usage covered after panel ownership which means your home will sell faster and at an increased value.

What Happens If I Sell The House?

A Jam solar power system will increase the value of your property for several reasons such as the guaranteed income it generates, extending the life of your roof, potential reduction in cooling bills, protection from the rising costs of energy and self-sustainability in the future.

Will This Increase My Property Value?

In a typical situation the panels do not need to be removed. In the event you choose to remove the solar panels for roof work, there will be no additional cost as long as you use a Grasshopper-qualified roofer.

What If I Require Roof Repair?

The agreement contains a buy-out clause that allows you to buy out the system at any time during the term. The further into the term you are, the cheaper it is to do so.

Can I Buy Out The System?

Yes. You would be paid for all the electricity produced by the panels. The FREE solar program is great, however if you have the funds or financing available to purchase the system, you would produce around $60,000 of guaranteed income over the 20-year microFIT term. This is equal to a 10% guaranteed return on investment annually for 20 years! Find out more below.

Can I invest In The Panels Myself?